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We started Four Corners of New England as a photography gallery and gift shop. When that didn’t work out, we kept the Four Corners Facebook page and the website blog, transforming it into something else. We are hoping to provide information and entertainment about our great corner of the world known as New England.

Jeff started the New England Photography Guild with his long time friend Butch Lombardi. As President Jeff promotes New England and signs up New England photographers to be juried into the Guild. Currently there are 16 member photographers stretching from Maine to Connecticut. Our Facebook page promotes their works of photography.

Jeff’s family came from the Northshore area of Massachusetts, but his father’s work transferred him to Pennsylvania. Jeff returned to the Northshore after his career in the Air Force. He took up photography and enjoys the four seasons of the New England area. He has a blog dedicated to fall foliage in New England under the pseudonym of Jeff Foliage. You can find that website here. Jeff also sells his photography through Fine Art America and if you go to our Print Sales tab, you can see his available work.

Lisa grew up on a dairy farm in Northern Vermont. Later, she moved to be near the ocean which she had seen for the first time at age 15, and fell in love with. She creates works of art and promotes her frugal upbringing by transforming castoffs into useful and decorative items with a nod to her French heritage. She maintains a blog and Facebook page under the name Pewter and Periwinkles. The blog about her creations can be seen here.

Hope you enjoy their contributions.

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