About Lisa Folger

I grew up on a dairy farm in northern Vermont. All my ancestors are French Canadian and immigrated to the US in the late 1800's-early 1900's. I enjoy digging into my family history, and am proud of my heritage. I moved to New Hampshire to be closer to the ocean and now live in Salem MA with my husband, Jeff 'Foliage' Folger and our cat, Captain. I enjoy renovating furniture and updating our condo, and have another blog called Pewter and Periwinkles, where I post about the style of decorating I like and the things I make. I also enjoy crafting art dolls and sculpture of fantasy creatures. I use lessons I learned creating Halloween props with Jeff in creating my creatures.

Favorite Road Trips to Northern New Hampshire and Vermont

Jeff has been on the road checking for fall foliage, so last week and this week we hit the road.  Last week we went to Northern New Hampshire and back again in one day.  Phew, long day!  If you want … Continue reading

Lighthouses of Portsmouth and Portland Tour

We were very fortunate to take a lighthouse tour with Jeremy D’Entremont, author, historian, “New England’s foremost lighthouse authority,” and our tour guide. Although we had visited many of these lighthouses in the past, Jeremy gave us insight on the … Continue reading

Connecticut River Culture

A beautiful summer day for a road trip…..now, where to go?  We finally crossed off a destination that has been on my bucket list for a couple of years.  We scouted out the place last fall, but I wanted to … Continue reading

Halloween Wasn’t Invented in New England, but We Do It Right

We have the best of times at Halloween here in New England. With crunching leaves underfoot and wicked history to entertain, it can’t be any better. Jeff and I traveled to Providence RI a couple of weeks ago to take … Continue reading