3 Not to miss locations for Rockport Photography

Rockport Photography in Massachusetts If any of you have been to Rockport Massachusetts you probably gravitated to Motif #1 and with good reason. The red color against the blue of the harbor is a natural, attention grabber. Also, the rustic nature … Continue reading

Lighthouses of Portsmouth and Portland Tour

We were very fortunate to take a lighthouse tour with Jeremy D’Entremont, author, historian, “New England’s foremost lighthouse authority,” and our tour guide. Although we had visited many of these lighthouses in the past, Jeremy gave us insight on the … Continue reading

Connecticut River Culture

A beautiful summer day for a road trip…..now, where to go?  We finally crossed off a destination that has been on my bucket list for a couple of years.  We scouted out the place last fall, but I wanted to … Continue reading

Patriots’ Day in Massachusetts

A young child remarked, “In Massachusetts they have a special holiday just for their football team”!!! Actually, if New Englanders could work that out, they probably would. In recent years it’s called Superbowl Sunday… 🙂 This Patriot’s Day that we refer … Continue reading