Salem’s Friendship comes sailing into the Gallery

A few weeks back we had a wicked storm come through the North Shore and Salem. The lightning struck all around Salem and within a few minutes the Firetrucks were rolling.

Salem’s Friendship comes sailing into the gallery

a storm squall passes just off Salem Harbor and the Friendship tied up to Derby Wharf

Squall line passes Salem

Most photographers know that bad weather usually presents opportunities for dramatic images. Well I happened to have my camera with me that afternoon. Continue reading


Four Corners of New England, Grand Opening

We had a schedule issue so we have moved our Grand Opening to 23 August at 11AM. I’m hoping some of the New England Photography members will be able to make it. If you have a favorite, leave us a comment and I’ll let them know, that they will be looked for.

Grand Opening drawing

On a whale spotting cruise you may see Humpback whale tales

Humpback whale tale

We are going to have a drawing at 6PM and everybody who makes a $10 purchase during the day will be entered (1 per individual).  As of now these are the items…

  • A set of greeting cards of Salem.
  • a photo mug created by Jeff Foliage
  • An 5×7 matted print of the Friendship of Salem.
  • The grand prize is two tickets to the Cape Ann Whale Watch out of Gloucester MA (a $100 value)

New things in the gallery and recent sales

One of a kind item created by Lisa Folger

One of a kind item created by Lisa Folger


I always want to remind folks that most items in the gallery are one of a kind items.

This means that Lisa found them somewhere and there is no back-stock of them. So the item you didn’t buy yesterday and went home to think on, was just sold to the couple who did the same thing the day before!

Unless you put cash down to hold something, I may think you’ll come back but I have to take the sale when presented.

Just 10% down will put your item on hold and I will tag it sold! So if you love something please put something down on it…

Storm comes through Salem

Thunder and lightning caused many to take cover but as they passed I went out to the tallship on Derby Wharf (the Friendship of Salem) and the Pedrick house to get some afternoon storm clearing pictures and was rewarded with great skies and reflections on the water in front of the ship.

Storm clearing

The storm came through on Sunday late bringing thunder and lightning and then as it cleared, photographic opportunities for me…

I closed up for a little while and caught this image of the skies clearing over the Friendship and Pedrick house on nearby Derby Wharf.

I just ordered this as a metal print and I will showcase it later this week. You will also be able to purchase it on cards and matted prints. the following week.

Please stop in to see this incredible image on metal this coming weekend!

Jeff & Lisa Folger
The Four Corners of New England Gallery
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New pictures in the Gallery

First I’m going to show you some beautiful gallery wraps that Liz Mackney put into the gallery this morning. I’m partial to the one with the purple flower and it already has garnered a few comments from local painters.

Patriotic Pillows

Hopefully this doesn’t frustrate you too much, but if you really like these then please let Lisa know. You see she created one last weekend and the other she brought in to the gallery today.

As soon as Lisa left another woman came in off the water and said “These are going home with me!” and they went out the door just in time for the 4th of July. If you think these are really great then let Lisa know and you can order some from her!

Vintage salad bowl set

Vintage wooden salad bowl set

Vintage wooden salad bowl set

The last item is a vintage salad bowl set. These have a beautiful patina and are from a local seller. If you like solid wood bowls then stop in quick before they are gone.

Tomorrow is the 4th of July

If you are coming down to Pickering wharf for the 4th and plan on shooting the fireworks then be sure to stop in the gallery and I’ll show you some good locations to catch the fireworks. Or just stop in and say hi! There will be food vendors and entertainers  and lots of things for the family to do. two early concerts and then the final concert during the fireworks.


Jeff & Lisa Folger
The Four Corners of New England
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