New pictures in the Gallery

First I’m going to show you some beautiful gallery wraps that Liz Mackney put into the gallery this morning. I’m partial to the one with the purple flower and it already has garnered a few comments from local painters.

Patriotic Pillows

Hopefully this doesn’t frustrate you too much, but if you really like these then please let Lisa know. You see she created one last weekend and the other she brought in to the gallery today.

As soon as Lisa left another woman came in off the water and said “These are going home with me!” and they went out the door just in time for the 4th of July. If you think these are really great then let Lisa know and you can order some from her!

Vintage salad bowl set

Vintage wooden salad bowl set

Vintage wooden salad bowl set

The last item is a vintage salad bowl set. These have a beautiful patina and are from a local seller. If you like solid wood bowls then stop in quick before they are gone.

Tomorrow is the 4th of July

If you are coming down to Pickering wharf for the 4th and plan on shooting the fireworks then be sure to stop in the gallery and I’ll show you some good locations to catch the fireworks. Or just stop in and say hi! There will be food vendors and entertainers ¬†and lots of things for the family to do. two early concerts and then the final concert during the fireworks.


Jeff & Lisa Folger
The Four Corners of New England
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Massachusetts barn lives on

I write and travel all over New England and It breaks my heart to see a barn falling down and the owner unable to find the funds to breath life back into the structure. A building that was built by their grandfather or Great-great grandfather and been in the family for generations. Continue reading

Four Corners of New England opens it’s doors

The Four Corners of New England opened it’s door on the 1st of June and it has been getting rave reviews from it’s visitors. Most visitors say, the New England imagery from the New England Photography Guild members is bright and different from what is seen in many parts of Salem.

Four corners store front

Four corners store front

Chair that has bee refinished from black to white and a new cushion.

Cottage decor or shabby chic, your choice

Jeff And Lisa Folger have been living and working in and around Salem for 10 years now. Jeff is a professional photographer and lisa has worked at a Marblehead firm. Lisa decided a change was needed and in order to have a place to sell her Vintage cottage decor/shabby chic items that she creates.

Jeff curates the images both framed and matted bin works that the New England Photography Guild members bring to be sold. All in all, the visual display is extraordinary and a welcome addition to Salems Pickering Wharf Waterfront community.

Some of the imagery of the Guild members can be seen in the images shown below (sorry taken with my cell phone).

If you have any questions then please contact us.

Jeff & Lisa Folger

Four Corners website
New England Photography Guild website

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