Patriots’ Day in Massachusetts

A¬†young child remarked, “In Massachusetts they have a special holiday just for their football team”!!! Actually, if New Englanders could work that out, they probably would. In recent years it’s called Superbowl Sunday… ūüôā This Patriot’s Day that we refer … Continue reading

Day Trip to Kittery Maine

Day Trip to Maine

March is here and cabin fever hit so Lisa and I needed a day trip. We decided that a run up the coast to Kittery, Maine was just the ticket.

Kittery, Maine is a great spot because our favorite store, The Kittery Trading Post is there. I love to make a trip there to buy my Merrell shoes¬†and Northface fleece shirts and everything outdoorsy that you could ever want. It’s right on Route 1, just off exit 3.

Kittery trading post from Google Maps

Kittery Trading Post from Google Maps

After shopping, we decided to get lunch and while there are several places to eat in Kittery, we decided to drive up a short way on Route 1 to York, Maine. We thought we might be too early for the Golden Rod, or too many other places to be open, and we were right.

I talked to a passer-by who had a take out container and she let us know that across the street and down by the water, the Union Bluff Hotel had a restaurant that was open.  We had a chance to visit a place we would otherwise pass up.

Union Bluff Hotel

Union Bluff hotel, york Maine

Union Bluff Hotel

The Union Bluff Hotel has been on this part of York Beach (8 Beach Street) since 1868. It appears to be in great shape and they have been remodeling when we stopped in. Our goal was “The Pub”. We had about a 15 minute wait and we took our flashing, vibrating thingy outside to sit in some Adirondack chairs by the beach.

Union Bluff hotel, The Pub menu

Union Bluff Hotel, The Pub menu

The day was bright but the wind off the water made us glad to head back inside when  we were buzzed.  We picked a table that had a view of the water.

Union Bluff hotel, The Pub menu

Union Bluff Pub, Blue cheese burger

The menu tells the story of the hotel in a few short words and we poured over the menu.  Lisa chose the fried haddock sandwich with sweet potato fries and I had a Blue Cheese burger with the onion fries.

It took a while, but given that they were packed, I’ll give them a break on this. The sandwiches were decently sized and I first tried my “onion fries”. They sent my mouth into orbit, providing a mild (for me) mayo and horseradish sauce to accompany the onion fries (rings cut in quarters and deep fried that way).

Union Bluff pub, Haddock sandwich

Union Bluff Pub, Haddock sandwich

They were superb and I sunk my teeth into the medium rare burger with chunk blue cheese (I prefer mine a a generous slice so the chunks don’t fall out, but the blue was nicely flavored. The burger was very juicy so don’t sit back to enjoy or you’ll take a bath in the juices.

Lisa also highly enjoyed her fried haddock sandwich. It was generous in it’s cut and thickness. Her sweet potato fries were also, as she says, tasty.

My only problem was that it was so good, I couldn’t stop. I wiped up all the rings, the sandwich and of course, the pickle and had to waddle out. I shouldn’t eat so much, but I guess that is a good mark for the place when I’m not willing to quit!

Union Bluff public beach

Short Sands Beach

We paid and walked out along the beach to the parking lot, and then the ride home. I wish I’d had the energy to stop at Nubble ¬†(Cape Neddick) Lighthouse which is only a mile and a half down the road. (just follow the signs) but we were too stuffed.

Maybe next time.

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Salem’s Ropes mansion is open again!

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Halloween Wasn’t Invented in New England, but We Do It Right

We have the best of times at Halloween here in New England. With crunching leaves underfoot and wicked history to entertain, it can’t be any better.

Jeff and I traveled to Providence RI a couple of weeks ago to take in the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular at the Roger Williams Park and Zoo.  It was something we always talked about doing, so when we were invited to meet up with friends in Providence, we jumped at the chance!

At the beginning of the attraction, we were a little underwhelmed with the kiosks full of glowing, whirling light wands and items to attract the kiddos, and the food to fill their faces.  Wondered how long we would walk before we saw anything of quality.

We passed the elephant, which was the only animal we saw. So if you think you will see some of the zoo animals at this event, no, you won’t.

Elephant at Roger Williams Park and Zoo

Elephant at Roger Williams Park and Zoo

After that it got better, with themed displays of carved and painted pumpkins.

It's Only the Beginning

It’s Only the Beginning

Totems of Pumpkins

Totems of Pumpkins

Pumpkins in the Pond

Pumpkins in the Pond

Pumpkin Trees

Pumpkin Trees

Yea, that was pretty cool.

Alien Pumpkins

Alien Pumpkins

Pirate Pumpkins

Pirate Pumpkins

Not in Kansas, That's for Sure

Not in Kansas, That’s for Sure

But best of all are the laughing pumpkins. Gets me every time.

The event continues until November 1, so you have time to see it for yourself!

Thanks for reading and Happy Halloween!  Have fun, be careful, and be safe!

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